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Welcome to The Basement
« on: July 04, 2017, 02:08:03 pm »
Welcome to The Basement! My goal in this Forum is allow free discussion/conversation about music in general. Whether you are a player, composer, or just a listener you are most welcome.

Discussion can be about any subject you like however, anything that crosses your mind, no matter what field of interest is involved. No subject is verboten.

Foul language is fine. Child pornography is not.

Vigorous debate, regarding any subject is encouraged.

Mean spirited, vile attacks on another member or guests character, while frowned upon, will not be acted on by this Admin unless a majority of members, meaning 60% of the membership, insist on some form of action from the Admin. No guarantees expressed or implied on said action.
There is a Live Chat feature here and I encourage real time fellowship. Just click on the "Chat" icon in the toolbar above and the app will launch and converse in real time with whomever is in The Basement at the time

 I'm at launch moment one as I write this and will be attempting to fine tune the Basement on a daily basis..To try to constantly improve the joint for all.

No donations are necessary or will be accepted.

Enjoy and Welcome!

AJ. The Artist formerly known as AlamoJoe

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